How to Trust a Website

An interactive guide to explain what to look for on a website so you can measure if it is safe to enter personal and credit card details online.

Ecommerce has grown year-on-year and as shoppers have become much more accustomed to online shopping this equates to a lot of credit cards being used to complete online transactions. Websites, from high-street retailers and big brands, can mostly assure that buying through their sites is safe. But, when it comes to smaller independents knowing when it is safe to enter credit card details can be guess work.

65% of people in the UK claim they could do more to stay safe online. Whilst not all fraud online is shopping related there is a belief that the real figure of online fraud crimes is underestimated as up to 1 in 5 don’t bother to report a cybercrime.

The aim was to produce a guide so that a non-savvy internet user (mostly 35+) could learn how to asses the credibility of a website and empower themselves to be able to make confident choices about when and where it is safe to enter credit card details online.

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Endorsement from Action Fraud.
Actively promoted on social media by Action Fraud and the Police.
Links from Action Fraud, Get Safe Online, Crimestoppers, several local sites and others.

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