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How to Create a Persona

Imagine you are at a party, and an attractive girl starts talking to you about how much she loves her dog. She goes into great detail about the dog, he’s her best friend and he looks so cute in a doggy t-shirt. She presents photo after photo from her phone.Read More

30 of The Best Free Data Sources

The Best Free Data Sources to Inform Your Content Creation and Ideation If you Google ‘best free data sources’ you will find a raft of articles based on this theme but in my experience, many of these lists are bloated with obscure and unnecessary sites. To save your time wadingRead More

Best Books on Creativity

I read. A lot. Alongside swimming, reading is my passion and the love of my life. As a child I used to devour books, often in one evening sitting and I could always be found curled up entertaining myself with an Enid Blyton and then progressing to Stephen King inRead More

Why Content Campaigns Fail

Why Content Campaigns Fail You’re thinking about producing a big content campaign but can you justify the spend on an epic hero piece and how can you ensure its success? You love interactive pieces such as Cocainenomics, Journey to the center of the earth and The Mixtape of Love (self-promo)Read More

How to Generate Ideas for Content

How To Generate Ideas For Content Your client wants a piece of content and they want it to generate links. A lot of links. The word ‘viral’ has been thrown in there. The reality is that users produce 64.3 million new posts, each month, on WordPress alone. Talk about aRead More

Side Projects Save Your Soul

Tiff Wood devoted his life to the sport he loved. And devote he did, forgoing career, marriage and all other pleasure for rowing. Documented in The Amateurs, Tiff dedicated himself to training for the Olympic games in 1980 and then 1984. Although rowing was the passion that sustained him, he didn't make a living this way. The focus of Tiff’s life was something that was technically his side project. Read More

The 12 Best Fonts For Design (Inspired by Massimo Vignelli)

Any classically trained typographer worth their salt will tell you that you should only ever use a limited range of typefaces. The countless array of type candy that is all within easy range is a temptation that offers little benefit to design at all. Celebrated Italian designer Massimo Vignelli controversiallyRead More