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The first rule of content marketing: it’s about your audience, not you
How many times have you invested hours in producing content for your website or used a content marketing agency only to have disappointing page views, social shares, and engagement?

Speaking to customers: do you think they will be engaged by a blog about why you decided to create your product – or by a blog that identifies their key needs/problems and highlights how that product addresses and solves/helps/takes away those needs/problems?

Or, your outreach emails went unanswered, and your ‘big content’ idea didn’t deliver the links you anticipated.

Speaking to journalists: offering a generic piece of content that is off topic to their beat, or providing them with an exclusive story from unique research relative to their readership?

Who are they? Where are they? What motivates them?

The second rule of content: don’t leave your links on the table
A content-based outreach campaign is an essential component of an SEO or content campaign. However, content is a much wider strategy and a plan that maps content to every stage of the buying process. A ‘big content’ campaign is a missed opportunity if it doesn’t lead the user to the next piece of content or if momentum is not sustained with a follow-up of smaller pieces to maintain a ‘content flow’.

Content should be about anticipating questions and answering them at the right time at every key stage. You need a content marketing agency who understands how to map this process.

The third rule of content: have an objective
Content marketing has been known as a ‘long-term’ investment and difficult to measure. But, by building on a content map each piece of content produced can be attributed to answer a specific question or objection, it can support each stage of the buying process and have an objective.
Building a blog through in-depth keyword research, audience understanding and consistent blog posts to engage your audience by understanding their needs will deliver measurable results through traffic and conversion uplift.

What can you expect from ShellShock Content Marketing Agency?

  • Every project starts with why? to find the core motivation that informs the end objective and goals.
  • We ask all new clients to complete a brand questionnaire so that we can understand their values and find their story.
  • We run a customer survey to find the key questions and objections. We create personas, so we know who we are talking to.
  • We construct a content map of the purchase journey and consider the micro-moments to answer.
  • For our outreach ideation process, we research the target niche, identify the influencers and journalists and build ideas based around what motivates them to share.
  • We have a proven reputation for some of the highest quality content production in the industry and always consider a mobile approach.
  • Outreach and paid social promotion raises awareness and gains mentions, shares and links.
  • We produce content that earns placements on sites such as, The Daily Mail, Mashable, Action Fraud, Crimestoppers, The Scotsman, Heart UK.

Shelley was one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is inventive whilst proposing the idea and the concept and detailed whilst doing the background research. She was professional, consistent and reliable throughout the whole project. We will definitely work with her again in future!
Milda Ratkelyte, AsiaRooms.com

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83% of companies cite high-quality content as a top driver of winning new customers (CMI, 2017)

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