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How to create evergreen content

How to create evergreen content What is evergreen content? ‘Evergreen content’ is a term given to content that has longevity. Content that avoids seasonality and trends or any time limitations that will date it. Classic. Evergreen content is a web Read More

5 Ways Personas Can Improve Your Content

5 Ways Personas Can Improve Your Content Do you know who the personas are for your client or brand? Maybe the client won’t provide a budget for audience research, or your schedule doesn’t allow the time for research and you Read More

How to Create a Persona

Imagine you are at a party, and an attractive girl starts talking to you about how much she loves her dog. She goes into great detail about the dog, he's her best friend and he looks so cute in a Read More

30 of The Best Free Data Sources

The Best Free Data Sources to Inform Your Content Creation and Ideation If you Google 'best free data sources' you will find a raft of articles based on this theme but in my experience, many of these lists are bloated Read More

Best Books on Creativity

I read. A lot. Alongside swimming, reading is my passion and the love of my life. As a child I used to devour books, often in one evening sitting and I could always be found curled up entertaining myself with Read More