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For more than ten years, ShellShock has produced content that won awards and went viral.

ShellShock now focuses on consultancy for content and SEO strategy.

Shelley Walsh has a built an industry reputation for creativity and quality with over twenty years creative, marketing and business experience.

She has worked directly with brands such as Semrush, Search Engine Journal and Everest Home Improvements, amongst many others:

I will review and audit your site and define a content strategy based on your KPIs and requirements to get results.

I will also produce high-quality content that is needed to achieve goals.

I have a proven track record of results for my clients. Contact me for examples of the latest case studies and work.


Danny Goodwin
Danny Goodwin

Shelley has a wealth of talent and ideas. She excels in creative thinking and strategy and is skilled in all aspects of content marketing (brainstorming, analyzing, writing, optimizing, and promoting), as well as SEO best practices. Also impressive is her “big picture” view of any piece of content she works on and how to make it excellent. if the opportunity to work with Shelley arises again in the future, I would work with her in a heartbeat.

Anthony Threlfall Everest Home Improvements, ShellShock Testimonial
Anthony Threlfall

Shelley demonstrates a passion and a dedication to doing what drives results. Importantly, she makes content interesting and engaging through both design and copy that makes it shareable and useable, resulting in direct website conversions. I would recommend Shelley as a provider of premium content that delivers results, as proven by the work she has produced for Everest.

Ammon Johns
Ammon Johns

Intelligent, articulate, deep-thinking and far-sighted, Shelley has all the hallmarks of the brightest and best in our field of endeavour. She rises to any challenge, so I genuinely think that the only limitation on how good she may be is the challenges presented. If you have the chance to work with Shelley, or better, have an even bigger challenge to offer her than any so far, I absolutely recommend that you do it.

I work with brands that are ready to invest in their content strategy to get results.