Woman Within UK

Woman Within UK is a community of women who support and empower each other to be the best they can be, through the Weekend retreat and through regular Circle meetings.

Woman Within UK approached ShellShock to help define their strategy to address drop out in the purchase process and to stay in connection with women as they complete a Weekend and transition into the community.

The first stage, was to complete a full site audit.

The navigation was confused with information difficult to find so we restructured the architecture of the entire site with a focused journey that was much easier to move through the site and find key information. We removed many superfluous and repetitive pages that confused the architecture.

We restructured the layout of the pages to better present the information within their existing framework without the need for a complete redesign.

ShellShock - Our Work - Woman Within Content Strategy

We produced a user flow map so that we could map the stages from awareness through consideration and purchase to Weekend completion and transition to the community. We identified where and why users were dropping out and not completing purchase.

At each stage of the journey, key content was highlighted and mapped to answer all questions that women might have on this life-changing workshop. We had to use empathy and consideration of what a woman would be thinking and feeling at each stage on this emotive product.

ShellShock - Our Work - Woman Within Content Strategy

We constructed automated email series at several stages in the process that triggered from PDF downloads and completion of the Weekend.

As word of mouth is so integral to their success we spent much consideration on how to ‘teach’ women to recommend others so that graduates of the course would become ambassadors and advocates to ensure survival of the organisation. Emails and PDF brochures were produced to support this.

Woman Within UK had a relatively new website that had been purposely designed but had not been implemented well and the CMS, navigation and URL structure were in a mess. We spent much time tidying up the duplicate pages and working within the boundaries of their framework to get the best out of the design they had. We also cleaned all the URLS and had to complete extensive page redirects.

We completed all content for the site and email series.

We designed visual and beautiful PDF downloads to support the brand.

We designed and set-up all the automated email series.