Radfield Home Care

Radfield Home Care is an award-winning company built on an outstanding reputation that provides care services to clients who wish to remain living in their own home.

ShellShock worked with Radfield Home Care to improve the content and information on their site and to help improve the conversion of their franchise operation.

We started with an in-depth content strategy that included:

  • A full site audit
  • keyword research
  • content review
  • competitor review
  • core strategy.

To supplement the strategy, we produced an in-depth content map, user experience flow chart and full content plan.

In addition to the home care site we applied our strategy process to the Radfield franchise website and again produced a full content map and intuitive site architecture.

We completed all of the required content production for both of the sites.

For the franchise site, we analysed the buyer process and indicated the key content required to be delivered at each stage to support the conversion. As a franchise is a large investment purchase we carefully constructed the buyer journey through awareness to consideration, purchase and after sale.

A key part of the enquiry process was the automated email series that we constructed to deliver a series of key messages timed to answer all the questions from someone considering buying into the franchise.

We intended to remove all barriers to entry through the delivery of these messages with a call to action to initiate a meeting so that the final sale could be closed in face-to-face discussion.