Planning Permission

Do I need Planning Permission? is targeted at a person who is considering renovation for their property and is unsure of the legalities of what they can accomplish. Presented in an at-a-glance guide for ease of understanding – it’s not designed to replace the in-depth legality of planning but is a useful guide as a starting point.

Planning permission is a complicated subject and the information available online is not intuitive to access. There are no other infographics that have successfully presented this information.

The infographic takes the main areas of focus for an average renovation, such as a loft conversion, conservatory, extensions and basement conversion.

We commissioned the illustration to represent architectural plan drawing and to avoid distracting from the key information by ‘over design’.

To support the content, we conducted a unique survey on behalf of Everest to ascertain the ease of the planning permission application process with a focus on what areas applications were being turned down.

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