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ebooks, white papers, HTML5/CSS3 pages, Parallax scrolling, interactive infographics, in-depth articles, content strategy, online branding…

A full rebrand for the respected digital search agency. Collateral included: logo, branding document & identity outline, PDF client brochure and brand ‘infographic’ posters which illustrate who theMediaFlow are and how their work flow process operates. All branding & design was implemented in the new theMediaFlow website.

We recently hired Shelli to work on a very detailed re-brand for our business. We wanted to really shake up how we position ourselves and refine our services so that what we offer is much easier to understand and more tangible for prospective clients. Shelli took us right back to “why”; helping us get at the real point of difference. Shelli’s approach is much more strategic than purely creative and really helped us think about telling our story through the new branding. The finished product was a full re-design of all our brand assets, and we couldn’t be any happier with this new look but in addition we now have a more clearly defined sense of identity and purpose as an organisation. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shelli to any business who needs any brand or creative work.” Nichola Stott, MD theMediaFlow.

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Do you remember, TV shows you used to love… is a parallax scrolling page for Which Bingo. The concept was based on targeting their demographic with a nostalgic and emotional hook – TV shows from the late 80s and early 70s. The TV screen scrolls through different shows interspersed with Teletext facts. The campaign included ‘snap shot’ images of the different screens, shows and facts to feed through facebook and twitter streams to engage the followers and generate new follows.

shellshock uk what we do

We successfully won a tender to rebrand The Trust charity, rebuild the website and increase the visibility of the site through online marketing. The site architecture was built on a framework of providing an extensive knowledge resource to educate users on what meditation is and the extensive benefits it can offer. We also produced offline marketing material and an ebook.

On behalf of the charity we were successfully accepted on the Google Ad Grants programme thereby reducing their substantial PPC bill to zero – whilst increasing paid traffic by 350%.

The site has moved from 2nd page to first page Google results for their head keyword.

Traffic has increased by just over 300%
In the last 4 months traffic increased 200%

Shelli was selected by our Trustees from numerous tenders and has more than fulfilled our expectations. Her commitment and passion, as well as her in-depth specialist knowledge which she updates on a daily basis, enables us to leave important decisions to her, and has already enabled us to eliminate some large ongoing costs. As a result of her work we have also seen a significant growth of online traffic which has has been the driving force behind the growth of our charity.” Dr Gemma Beckley, The Meditation Trust

shellshock uk what we do

A scrolling CSS3 animation landing page combined with an in-depth illustrated ebook with chapter input from industry thought leaders, promoted with a guest posting campaign on industry influential blogs. The campaign aim was to generate natural links to the home page of the new brand and to increase newsletter sign-ups.

The site has generated 882 natural links from 106 domains.
Newsletter sign-ups have increased by 251% in only 4 months.

The slide deck based on the book was featured on the SlideShare home page as ‘slides of the day’

shellshock uk what we do

Infographic design

Many of our previous campaigns were infographics based, a few examples include:
Brighton SEO infographic poster
The Kitchen Cheat Sheet
Olympics 2012
Airport Lounges
Asia Rooms – The Bucket List of Asia

The Kitchen Cheat sheet remains our most successful infographic campaign with huge social shares and consistent mentions on twitter, every day, for 2 years

The page has 9,362 links from 249 root domains (historic).

The infographic ranks as 8th most viewed on Visual.ly out of 20k infographics and has held this spot for 2 years with 332k views.

shellshock uk what we do

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