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Presentation by Shelli Walsh at Brighton SEO Conference 09/14
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Why Design Matters to SEO

What is design? When I refer to the term Design, in this instance I mean graphic design specifically – Design in relation to product design has other connotations and theories and is not included in this discussion. Design is about communication. Design is the visual representation of information in a clear and structured manner. If […]

How To Be Better at Marketing Through Life Experience

The diversity of Ogilvy David Ogilvy had countless jobs before he came to Madison Avenue. Some of the roles that he attributes to his success include working in the kitchens of The Majestic in Paris under a tyrant chef, selling Aga cookers to housewives door-to-door and being a social worker in the slums of Edinburgh. […]

How (and why) to Curate Content

There is a mass of content crap online now. One million posts on WordPress alone are published DAILY, and 72-hours of video per MINUTE are uploaded to You Tube. Content marketing is exploding and every brand is being advised to churn out the content to engage their readers. Cutting through the noise to find the […]