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The 12 Best Fonts For Design: Inspired by Massimo Vignelli

Celebrated Italian designer Massimo Vignelli controversially claimed “we use too many typefaces“. Depending on where you stand on typography/design will depend on whether you agree with the statement or not, I personally whole-heartedly agree with Vignelli and call for a greater degree of discipline in the usage of fonts. You can read an opposing article […]

Cool infographics Book Review and Free Copy Giveaway

Infographics have experienced an explosive growth online in the last three years with the keyword seeing a 20x increase in search volume according to Google trends. With ├╝ber cool studios such as Pop Chart Labs offering beautiful posters infographics are entering our homes and our everyday lives as a form of graphic art. I love […]

How To Be Better at Marketing Through Life Experience

The diversity of Ogilvy David Ogilvy had countless jobs before he came to Madison Avenue. Some of the roles that he attributes to his success include working in the kitchens of The Majestic in Paris under a tyrant chef, selling Aga cookers to housewives door-to-door and being a social worker in the slums of Edinburgh. […]

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