The Meditation Trust

Brand positioning, site rebuild and content marketing for The Meditation Trust, registered charity.

The initial objective was to position The Trust as an online authority to represent their extensive knowledge and experience within Transcendental Meditation.

The architecture of the website was constructed around keyword researched content silos that could answer all questions and be an extensive knowledge resource about the subject.

ShellShock - Our Work - The Meditation Trust

By providing in-depth quality content The Trust could project their message of being an authority and capture long-tail traffic around the niche.

Under direction the brand have invested in developing their social media presence with a strong active community on Facebook.

Clarify the brand message.
Rebuild the website with a clear brand message.
Increase visibility of the site online.
Build an engaged community.

Investment into overhauling their PPC has increased CTR by 2191% (from 0.23% to 5.27%).
The site experienced a 900% traffic increase (from 1-10k monthly visits), in less than 12 months after the site rebuild with the new content focused architecture.

Shelli was selected by our Trustees from numerous tenders and has more than fulfilled our expectations. Her commitment and passion, as well as her in-depth specialist knowledge which she updates on a daily basis, enables us to leave important decisions to her, and has already enabled us to eliminate some large ongoing costs. As a result of her work we have also seen a significant growth of online traffic which has been the driving force behind the growth of our charity.
Dr Gemma Beckley, The Meditation Trust