Kitchen Cheat Sheet

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet remains one of the most successful infographics of its time with a somewhat legendary status! It captured attention and went viral online. With impressive social shares, it had consistent mentions on Twitter, every day for several years. Pinterest pins topped a quarter of a million.

ShellShock - Our Work - Kitchen Cheat Sheet

To date the page has had almost half a million views. It achieved 9,300 links from 250 root domains.

In its day, was the leading showcase gallery of infographics worldwide. Having an infographic rank on brought a lot of visibility to a piece of content. The Kitchen Cheat Sheet was submitted, and the response was fast and meteoric. The infographic still ranks at 8th most viewed out of over 25k other pieces of work with just short of half a million views.

ShellShock - Our Work - Kitchen Cheat Sheet

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