Earnings Vs Exercise

An interactive infographic and unique study of 850 people to test a theory that those who exercise on a regular basis earn a higher income.

How much you earn is an emotive subject, and anything that can contribute to more business success is a popular subject. Timed for the New Year to take advantage of the seasonal surge of interest in exercise and goal planning.

As a response to two scientific studies, we conducted a unique survey. Results showed that people in higher income brackets do exercise more often and mostly on a daily basis, while people in the lowest income bracket are the most likely never to exercise.

ShellShock - Our Work - Exercise versus Earnings

To visualise the data we combined an interactive calculator with the graph results. A user can enter their income and exercise frequency to find where they sit in relation to the average for their bracket.

To complement the findings the infographic lists the world’s top leaders and their morning routine. As most business leaders are early risers, we included an alarm clock calculator that displays where a user falls in relation to the waking times of the business leaders.

The graph can be reordered and features rollover information about the workout habits for each business leader.

ShellShock - Our Work - Exercise versus Earnings

See the full interactive infographic here…