Landing Page Design

Your outstanding content is not enough…
Your content needs a great landing page…
Your content landing page needs to sell itself…

We build effective landing pages for PPC and content campaigns

  • Landing pages for specific goals
  • Copy that gets the message across – instantly
  • Design that does not get in the way of the message
  • Clear calls to action to convert through the funnel
  • Design is oprimised to all screen sizes
  • Pages A/B tested to find the top performer

Why do I need a landing page?

If you have ever clicked on a specific offer and then landed on a page that has no relevance to the offer and abandoned because it lost you, then you know why.

  • Don’t waste your ad spend. Convert as many clicks as possible and raise your ROI.
  • Don’t frustrate your email audience and lose your engaged reader between email and offer.
  • Do get as many downloads for your content asset as you can to capture emails.
  • Do have a page with one clear objective so that readers can seamlessly get what they want.
shellshock founder shelley walsh

Shelley Walsh, who founded ShellShock, has over twenty years marketing, design and business experience. She combines those skills to have a wider perspective when approaching landing page production.

ShellShock has been involved in the online marketing industry since 2010 and Shelley has spoken at several conferences such as Brighton SEO and written for industry publications such as Moz, Econsultancy and State of Digital.

Does your landing page have the following…

  • A clear understanding of your customers’ needs and pains
  • A title that gets attention – immediately
  • Deliver your offer and message – clearly & concisely
  • Stylish visuals that do not detract from the message
  • ONE clear objective and call to action
  • A good user experience on all screen sizes?

Contact us and we can build you a landing page that will increase your current conversion rates for your PPC or content camapaigns

Shelley was one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is inventive whilst proposing the idea and the concept and detailed whilst doing the background research. She was professional, consistent and reliable throughout the whole project. We will definitely work with her again in future!
Milda Ratkelyte,