Infographic design

At ShellShock we specialise in infographic design based on concepts that can deliver real results.

Experiments show that Visuals can be processed by the brain in 13 milliseconds and presentations using visual aids were 43% more persuasive than presentations without and the presenter was perceived more positively.

But what does that mean for infographic design?

  • Infographics are used in content marketing because they visually engage a viewer and can communicate complicated information quickly and cleanly in an optimised way.
  • Infographics gain traffic because they provide interesting information in a bite-sized format.
  • Infographics are engaging because they create an ‘a-ha’ moment of discovery and have a higher rate of memory retention.

We’ve produced infographics for Everest, Sage, Sainsbury’s Bank,, Cheapflights, and Brighton SEO to name a few.

Classic static infographics

When done well, it is possible to generate authority links and credible traffic back to your site from a static infographic.

People link to unique data, quality journalism and research-backed content so if you start with a strong concept based around what your audience is interested in then you can simplify how you present the information and still gets excellent results.

Our specialty is to take complicated information and distill this into an easy to understand format. We did this with the cloud computing series of infographics we produced for Sage and for Everest with our planning permission infographic.

ShellShock - Infographic Design - Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Kitchen cheat sheet

One of our early pieces, this ‘legendary’ infographic captured attention and went viral online.
Consistent mentions on Twitter, every day for several years. Pinterest pins topped a quarter of a million. The most viewed page on the Everest site and at its peak had 9,300 links from 250 root domains.
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Our infographic design process involves:

  • Identify your outcome – why and what do you want?
  • Find your audience – we focus on relevant traffic.
  • Who can help us get awareness – influencers and key sites.
  • Generate concepts based on your outcome and audience.
  • Look for niche data or conduct a unique survey.
  • In-depth research and content of value.
  • Produce a visually distinct infographic design to get attention.
  • We produce a mobile version for optimised viewing.
  • Promote to those that can help with awareness.
  • Secure links and raise your traffic.

Interactive infographics

A good content strategy will contain consistent pieces of content based on in-depth keyword research and audience understanding. Adding a significant ‘hero’ piece of content in balance with your regular production will raise the authority of your brand and help to secure quality links from the hard to reach authority sites.

We have produced many pieces of interactive content for large brands and achieved outstanding success with our How to trust a website interactive infographic which was endorsed by Action Fraud. Eating out with a food allergy was featured in the Daily Mail due to its combination of a unique survey and useful information in a niche area.

ShellShock - Infographic Design - How to Trust a Website

How to trust a website

An interactive guide to explain what to look for on a website to measure if it’s safe to enter personal and credit card details online.
Endorsed and actively promoted by Action Fraud and the Police. Links from Action Fraud, Get Safe Online, Crimestoppers, several local sites and others.
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Your return on investment

Over recent years, online content has been flooded with cheap and inferior infographic design.
Only a handful of agencies understand how to produce good infographics and this has always been a specialist area of ours.

  • We will be honest with you and give you the best advice.
  • If you don’t have a strong enough landing page we will help you with this.
  • We take the time to understand your brand and what you want to achieve.
  • We look at a wider content strategy to maximise each piece of content.
  • We only promote content that we have produced to ensure quality and results.
  • Our services are more efficient than hiring in-house.
  • Our expertise with content production means you get quality and results.
  • In the long run, we’re a far better investment than a cheap $400 infographic.

Contact us to discuss your objectives and work with an agency who can deliver better results for you.

Shelley was always highly professional throughout and her output was of the highest quality, with high attention to detail. Her creativity is second to none and she really got to understand our business. I would not hesitate to hire her again.

Richard Shove, Group Organic Performance Manager, Buyagift