Content Strategy

Michelin Guides, Jello-O Recipe Books, Procter and Gamble ‘Soap Operas’, Weight Watchers Magazine, supermarket recipe cards are all such an integrated part of our culture we may not even consider them to be marketing channels.

Digital marketing has now embraced content, but campaigns mostly produce a piece of content for link building and fail to take advantage of connecting that content in a strategy. Therefore, a spike in traffic quickly dissolves without any leverage or retention and opportunity is lost. The approach to content marketing is disconnected and isolated.

61% of marketers are committed to content but only 21% consider their efforts to be ‘successful’.

We believe that content strategy is the growth area for online marketing and the area where brands are now beginning to focus their attention. As much as there is uptake, there is a lack of understanding over what a content strategy is.

At ShellShock, we have created a content strategy process based on addressing a customer’s needs at every stage of their journey. Producing content assets to gain awareness, addressing their pain points and answering the right questions at the right time.

Our content strategy process:

ShellShock Content Strategy process

A content audit

We review your current site to understand the available assets and pages that can be improved, integrated or recommended to be removed.

A content plan

  • We map the questions and pain points to address at each stage with the relevant level of content.
  • We map the micro-moments, with an aim to be there with the right content answer when a user searches with questions relevant to your product.

ShellShock Content Plan

Our content strategy contains

  • Brand review and values
  • Buyer personas
  • Competitor analysis
  • Current site review
  • The core strategy
  • Defines content types
  • Goals/objectives

A content calendar

We produce a clear plan of what is needed and we can provide full content creation support.

Content creation

We can work with your team internally to direct content production, or we can manage the production of all blogs, newsletters and content assets with our highly skilled team.

Content Promotion

We use social media paid ads to amplify content and to reach your targeted audience for awareness. For certain campaigns, we also use outreach and digital PR to gain placements with influencers and media publications that can help get in front of your audience and extend your reach.

72% of marketers believe a strategy is the main factor to increased success but only 40% have a content marketing strategy

Are you a brand marketing manager who needs input with content strategy and creation?

  • Has your content not produced any results from lead generation or increased sales?
  • Do you have concerns that you need to increase your content output to keep up?

We can help:

  • A content strategy that maps your customer journey and delivers content at key stage.
  • Produce lead-generating content campaigns for social media.
  • Use newsletters to engage and retain your customer base.
  • Structure your site architecture to support your keywords for wider search exposure.
  • Create pages that increase conversion.


We can produce a wide-range of digital collateral that supports your sales and marketing.

Contact us to discuss your objectives and work with an agency who can deliver better results for you.

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