Publishing blogs posts twice a week is not a content strategy

A content marketing strategy is about knowing what content your audience wants to read and delivering it when they want to read it

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A content strategy is not a calendar of blog titles to publish

A real content strategy starts with knowing who your audience. Once you know this you can publish what they want to read and not what you think they want to read. If you know what keeps a person awake at 3am and what challenges they have to deal with then you can get their attention.

Combine needs with your expertise, to find the content ‘sweet spot’.

Only produce content of outstanding quality, good isn’t good enough. Even if this means you are publishing less often – less is definitely more.

Measure everything, and if it works, do more.

Your sweet spot mixed with your customers’ pain points is where the truly valuable stories are

Joe Pulizzi

The Meditation Trust Content Strategy Case Study

The Meditation Trust

Content Strategy

The objective was to position the charity as an authority representing their extensive knowledge of meditation and increase their visibility online. We conducted a full content strategy including a site rebuild. As a result of strategy and efforts the site went from less than 1,000 monthly views to over 12k views and took the site to page 1 for the competitive term ‘Transcendental Meditation’.

We can analyse your existing content to uncover hidden gems and remove dead weight.

We can find content gaps in your niche.

We can create silos of themes in your site architecture to strengthen evergreen content hubpages for head keywords.

We can grow a thought leadership blog to be the authority in it’s niche.

We can map content touches to every stage of your user journey to increase conversion.

We can design a content flow for qualified lead generation and nurturing.

How our content marketing strategy service works

1. Objectives

What do you want to achieve? We drill down to real specifics so that we both know what to focus on.

2. Personas

Fundamental to any content project – you must know who you are talking to so you know what they want to read. We won’t do a strategy without personas.

3. Buyer Journey

Mapping content to a journey ensures it’s part of a conversion process and not just thrown at the wall. Premium package.

4. Audit & Inventory

We analyse what assets you already have to find your strongest pages, those with promise that need reviewing and which need removing and redirecting.

5. Core strategy

At the heart of what you do, this overarching statement encompasses your brand objective. Combined with a map of central themes/silos for your content.

6. Governance

The playbook of what you need to create your own content in-house: Tone of Voice, style guide, who does what, workflow and a calendar. Premium package.

7. Content analytics

We define the right metrics that can track your content efforts using Google Analytics. Premium package.

A B2B content strategy from ShellShock is a blueprint for you to follow to implement your own content marketing.

If you want the support of a full service content marketing agency you can continue to work with us on a content creation subscription as we produce your content and measure the performance of your goals.

Our proven track record shows we are one of few agencies that get content strategy. We can provide you with the blueprint for content marketing success.

Susan Read Woman Within UK ShellShock Testimonial
Susan Read

Woman Within UK

With laser clarity Shelley understood our organisation, mapping the user journey and identifying key pinch points: where we lose potential workshop participants at registration, and where women are lost to the community after the initial workshop.

Anthony Threlfall Everest Home Improvements, ShellShock Testimonial
Anthony Threlfall


Shelley demonstrates a passion and a dedication to doing what drives results. Importantly, she makes content interesting and engaging through both design and copy that makes it shareable and useable, resulting in direct website conversions.

Dr Gemma Beckley The Meditation Trust ShellShock Testimonial
Dr Gemma Beckley

Meditation Trust

Shelley was selected by our Trustees from numerous tenders and has more than fulfilled our expectations. As a result of her work we have also seen a significant growth of online traffic which has been the driving force behind the growth of our charity.”

72% of marketers believe a strategy is the main factor to increased success but only 40% have a content marketing strategy Content Marketing Institute