The right content strategy will increase your search visibility, support the user journey and improve clicks to sale or sign-up

Because publishing blogs posts twice a week is not a content strategy

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A content marketing strategy is unique to every business

When understood and implemented correctly a content marketing strategy will positively impact your business and brand.

It will help your audience to find you and to build trust as an authority so that your audience engage with you.

It will guide your prospect to make a confident and informed click of ‘buy now’ or ‘sign-up’.

Churning out content to a content calendar without a strategy, not knowing your keywords, not being aware of your goals or even your audience needs will not bring results.

Anyone can get lucky with a one-off piece of content that gets traffic.

But, being able to drive targeted relevant traffic on a sustained basis and grow brand authority across digital channels is a different challenge that you need an expert for.


Content audit & strategy

To help Everest regain rankings and traffic we conducted a full site audit to address what content should be removed and improved. We also advised on the structure of a new resource section of content and buying support content through the site. We are currently working with Everest to produce a full plan of high quality content on the site.

The ShellShock Content Strategy

We can review your current site to take an inventory of what content you already have.

An audit tells us what pages can be improved, what needs deleting because it could be harming your site and what content you’re missing that will benefit your site.

We collate data by doing a full URL crawl of the site – analytics data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics; link and ranking data from third party sources.

We do a manual review of pages to evaluate the quality of your content and usability.

We manually review the SERPs to asses what other types of content are being surfaced in your niche that you might need to include.

We review the competing SERP listings to asses the quality of what pages you are against and to look for insights.

our content marketing strategy process


If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there? We help you to define your goals and KPIs


Without an audience, you don’t have a business. Never forget – it’s all about them and not you

User Journey

Mapping the user journey highlights any fails in the process that can be supported by content touches


Reviewing your current site content and deciding what needs to be removed, improved and added to the site

Core strategy

At the heart of what you do, this overarching statement encompasses your brand objective as touchstone that ensures all content can justify itself

Content map

A map of content for every stage of the funnel and user journey and grouped into themes that supports your keyword blueprint


Knowing what to measure in the right way so you can review what’s working and what’s not

We work with agencies as a trusted supplier to support their internal team.

We work directly with brands to help them improve their online presence.

We can audit your site and provide a strategy and content plan that will increase search visibility and engage your audience

    Susan Read Woman Within UK ShellShock Testimonial
    Susan Read

    Woman Within UK

    With laser clarity Shelley understood our organisation, mapping the user journey and identifying key pinch points: where we lose potential workshop participants at registration, and where women are lost to the community after the initial workshop.

    Anthony Threlfall Everest Home Improvements, ShellShock Testimonial
    Anthony Threlfall


    Shelley demonstrates a passion and a dedication to doing what drives results. Importantly, she makes content interesting and engaging through both design and copy that makes it shareable and useable, resulting in direct website conversions.

    Dr Gemma Beckley The Meditation Trust ShellShock Testimonial
    Dr Gemma Beckley

    Meditation Trust

    Shelley was selected by our Trustees from numerous tenders and has more than fulfilled our expectations. As a result of her work we have also seen a significant growth of online traffic which has been the driving force behind the growth of our charity.

    “72% of marketers believe a strategy is the main factor to increased success but only 40% have a content marketing strategy” Content Marketing Institute