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To cut through the noise and implement an effective content strategy the priority is finding a direct source to your audience and then producing content that is so good, they cannot fail to notice and engage with it.

To make your content work for you, there are no shortcuts or easy options – creative strategy, high quality and a long-term approach is the key to success with content marketing.

Your content production must be in the ‘outstanding’ category or you’re wasting your budget spend.

shellshock our work - The Art of Luxury

The The Art of Luxury

An in-depth look at the history of watchmaking from its origins through to the modern-day craftsmen still working in the Jura region of Switzerland, the epicenter of watchmaking.

A significant long-form scrolling page incorporating a rich user experience of journalist written content, animation, illustration, video and an interactive interface.

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What kind of content production should you focus on in 2019?

If, like most websites, your blog and content is not seeing any results then what kind of content should you be producing?

According to research, anything that can be cited as a reference is going to get the most links/shares:

    • Unique data and research that can be referenced
    • Unique industry surveys with insights
    • Interviews and case studies with industry leaders
  • How to guides and step-by-step process

We specialise in evergreen content, long-form content and in-depth articles and we’re great at researching, writing and producing content.

Our process for evergreen content production

    • We take time to understand your audience and what they will respond to.
    • We content map ideas for titles that will connect with your audience.
    • We look for niche data, conduct a unique survey or secure an interview.
    • We do extensive research using reliable information sources.
    • We write an article worthy of broadsheet editorial.
    • We include visuals to illustrate the article for a rich user experience.
    • We produce a mobile version for optimised viewing.
  • We can promote to those that can help with awareness.

Content with visuals is perceived more positively

Quality research and writing is the foundation of content but the standard is now so high that presentation is just as important as what it contains.

As research for infographic design shows, content that includes visuals is perceived more positively and presentations are considered 43% more persuasive with imagery than without.

An article should be a rich user experience containing graphs/diagrams, unique illustration, animation, and video where relevant.

Typography to support ease of reading has been developed for hundreds of years in print, so don’t ignore it on the digital screen. Your font choice and type hierarchy should be carefully selected and crafted. We can’t always control this on sites with existing stylesheets but ensure we write and design for ease of reading with subheads, bullet points and pull-outs.

ShellShock Our work - Invoice Not Paid

The Invoice Cheat Sheet

A series of in-depth articles aimed at small businesses presented with animation and infographics to illustrate the complex subject of invoices and debt recovery.

We specialise in taking complex subjects and distilling them into an easy to understand format:

Invoice cheat sheet, what you need to include on your invoices
How to recover an unpaid invoice

Why are ShellShock experts at producing evergreen content?

    • ShellShock excel in producing content as we have been doing this for over twenty years having cut our teeth editing magazines and print newsletter.
    • Years spent typesetting magazines and books taught us how type hierarchy works and valuable typographic skills.
    • Editing magazines and managing pagination schedules taught us how to create a series of content and how to deliver a niche blog that an audience wants to read.
    • In print, you only get one chance to get it right. Once it’s on the press, it’s done. That sharpens your skills for proofreading, fact-checking and getting it right the first time.
    • Attention to detail is our strength.
    • Our offline marketing experience enables us to approach content production with a wider perspective than simply trying to fill a web page with 500 words of keyword-focused copy.
  • Our rare combination of offline print, marketing, digital and SEO knowledge set us apart from others.

Work with us and we will…

    • Be honest with you and give you the best advice.
    • Help you if you don’t have a strong enough blog design.
    • Take the time to understand your brand and what you want to achieve.
  • Look at a wider content strategy to maximise each piece of content.

Your return on investment…

    • A focus raising traffic and not redundant link counts.
    • Quality and results from our expertise.
    • Cost effective and more efficient than hiring in-house.
  • A far better investment than a cheap $250 article.

Contact us to discuss your needs and work with specialists who excel at content production

Shelley was one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is inventive whilst proposing the idea and the concept and detailed whilst doing the background research. She was professional, consistent and reliable throughout the whole project. We will definitely work with her again in future!
Milda Ratkelyte,