ShellShock Evergreen Content actually does content marketing*

Our evergreen content and long-form articles can elevate your brand to be the authority in your niche.

*and it wins awards

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Good simply isn’t good enough anymore

Your content needs to be outstanding to not drown in the tidal wave of cheap content production pouring out online.

You need to think about what you’re trying to achieve so that you’re not just throwing blog posts at a wall to see if anything sticks.

Most importantly, your content has to work for a living and lead readers to a defined action for a solid ROI tie-in.

We specialise in evergreen content creation

  • Deep-dive information resources
  • 10x content & skyscraper pages
  • Pillar pages & hub pages
  • Long-Form articles
  • Thought Leadership content


We work with B2B, SaaS and affiliate brands.

Rox Jewellers

The Art of Luxury Watchmaking

A long-form page with integrated scrolling animation, video loops and interactive timelines to ensure an engaging reading experience on a 12k word page.

A significant information resource and visually stunning page that needs to be seen to appreciate the quality of information, illustration and the coding.

This campaign won Best Use of Content at the Drum awards. Produced in partnership with Yard Digital.

Getting traffic to your site is only half the process, your content must be good enough to work for you once the traffic gets there.

If you’ve ever used a cheap content house, you’ll know that you get what you pay for.

We use journalist standard writers who do deep research, fact check and produce high-quality writing.

We use the best designers, illustrators and motion graphics to bring your content to life.

Every piece has a call to action woven in so an opportunity is never lost.

Once your content is live our subscription service reviews the page on a regular basis to improve performance.

We also update information periodically, to ensure you are the leading authority with up to date information.

How our SEO content creation service works...

1. Onboard

We discuss your goals, expectations and KPIs. We ask you the right questions to get under the skin of your brand. We take time to understand your niche

2. Strategy & Plan

We recommend that we complete a content strategy to understand your audience and the content needed and generate a schedule and plan

3. Research & Writing

Journalist standard of research and writing, with every piece proofed and fact checked.

4. Design & UX

Finished with unique illustration, animation or interactivity, we include calls to action in the page to ensure the journey (content subscription)

5. Review

We review the performance of the page using GA & GSC and make adjustments to on-page factors accordingly (content subscription)

6. Update

Annually we review the content to ensure all information is up-to-date (content subscription)

We've produced content for

Our proven track record shows we’re one of few agencies that can offer outstanding B2B content creation and get content marketing right

Experts in:

  • Information resources
  • Pillar & hub pages
  • Long-form articles
  • 10x content 
  • Evergreen content


We work with B2B, SaaS and affiliate brands.

Richard Shove BuyaGift ShellShock Testimonial
Richard Shove


Shelley was always highly professional and her output was of the highest quality, with high attention to detail. Her creativity is second to none and she really got to understand our business. I would not hesitate to hire her again. 

Richard Falconer

Yard Digital

Shellshock have helped us with campaigns for several of our clients. Services have included optimised on-site content and assets which have been successfully used to drive traffic and backlinks as part of a wider strategy.

Anthony Threlfall Everest Home Improvements, ShellShock Testimonial
Anthony Threlfall


Shelley has produced several pieces of content and campaigns for Everest. Most recently, digital PR campaigns using data sets supported by evergreen content pages that have seen great success with links, media placements and PR mentions.

Don’t be overwhelmed trying to create your own content or using internal resources who are not experts at content creation

Let us create outstanding content for you…
…and then keep it performing