About us

ShellShock is a creative content agency that has a wide network of external resources.

The benefit of our network means that:

  • We only work with experts in their field.
  • We only work with trusted suppliers who can produce the best.
  • We can scale up production as and when needed.
  • We can provide any content to your requirements from article writing to video production.

Shellshock was founded by Shelley Walsh who consults on the best concepts and strategy for your needs.

Shelley has over twenty year’s professional experience in the creative and marketing industry with her own business experience in greetings cards publishing, design consultancy and online dropshipping.

ShellShock Ltd. was established by Shelley over 16 years ago in 2002 as a greetings card publisher who exported worldwide and supplied multiples such as Paperchase.

The business then evolved into web development and online marketing and has focused on creative content production for eight years, since 2010.

The diverse experience that Shelley has includes: textile designer, photographer, apple picker, hair model, pizza delivery driver, writer, designer, magazine editor, bartender and even time spent working in Ladbrokes settling bets.

Out of all these roles has developed a deep understanding of what motivates people and how they behave that underlines Shelley’s expertise in content strategy and her ability to look at content production from many sides. She is fascinated by psychology and human behaviour and studies many theories and books to supplement her knowledge.

shellshock founder shelley walsh

Shelley Walsh, who founded ShellShock, has over twenty years marketing, design and business experience. She combines those skills to have a wider perspective when approaching content production.

ShellShock has been established in the online marketing industry since 2010.

Shelley has spoken at several conferences such as Brighton SEO, Ion Search and the Leeds Digital Festival.

Shelley has written for industry publications such as Moz, Econsultancy and State of Digital and she currently writes for Search Engine Journal.

The quality of all our work and our attention to detail means that we are highly respected in content production.

Shelley was one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is inventive whilst proposing the idea and the concept and detailed whilst doing the background research. She was professional, consistent and reliable throughout the whole project. We will definitely work with her again in future!
Milda Ratkelyte, AsiaRooms.com

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