ShellShock is driven by a passion for the communication of information and an obsessive compulsion to make things look good.

Our insatiable curiosity for learning makes the internet our perfect work space; and we do love being online. Our broadband package would be rated within ‘hardcore addict’ status.

A collection of talent who produce high standards of content; we’re talking Waitrose, maybe even Harrods Food Hall; and our exceeding attention to detail means that we’re compelled to go the extra mile to make every project the best it can possibly be (try walking 70 miles, on concrete, taking photographs).

The ShellShock orchestra is conducted by founder Shelley Walsh who uses her creative superpowers to keep campaigns focused and on track to deliver well thought out strategies and creative ideas.

Shelley, personally has over 20 years professional creative, marketing and business experience. She speaks at conferences and webinars; and writes ebooks and industry articles. In her limited time away from keyboard she will be in the pool, on the bike, on the hills or quietly reading in the corner.

Contact us to arrange a chat about what sweet content music we could make together.