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Planning Permission

At ShellShock we specialise in taking complicated information and distilling into an easy to understand format. Following the outstanding success of the Kitchen Cheat Sheet, Everest began again to work with ShellShock on new content and campaigns. Do I need Planning Permission? is targeted at a person who is consideringRead More

Woman Within UK

Woman Within UK is a community of women who support and empower each other to be the best they can be, through the Weekend retreat and through regular Circle meetings. Woman Within UK approached ShellShock to help define their strategy to address drop out in the purchase process and toRead More

Radfield Home Care

Radfield Home Care is an award-winning company built on an outstanding reputation that provides care services to clients who wish to remain living in their own home. ShellShock worked with Radfield Home Care to improve the content and information on their site and to help improve the conversion of theirRead More

Cloud Computing

A series of infographics that explain what the ‘cloud’ is and the threats to ‘cloud computing’. The challenge was to present a complex subject in an easy-to-understand format that could be easily grasped by a non-technical person. Through the use of clean, fresh graphics and commissioned iconography each infographic deliversRead More

Art of Luxury

An in-depth look at the history of watchmaking from its origins through to the modern-day craftsmen still working in the Jura region of Switzerland, the epicenter of watchmaking. A long-form article that presents a wealth of information in a rich way to retain engagement with the use of inserting images,Read More

The Mixtape of Love

An interactive playlist generator that creates a mixtape to share with a loved one. Why Dedicated to everyone who spent hours in their bedroom with a two-deck cassette tape player pressing ‘record’ and ‘stop’ and agonising over the music choices. For all the hours spent neatly completing the cover cardRead More

Earnings Vs Exercise

An interactive infographic and unique study of 850 people to test a theory that those who exercise on a regular basis earn a higher income. Why How much you earn is an emotive subject, and anything that can contribute to more business success is a popular subject. Timed for theRead More

Holiday Illness

An interactive HTML5 page, to graphically represent the incidences of holiday (food) illness compensation claims in popular tourist destinations. Why For anyone travelling on a package holiday from the UK, they are protected by the Package Travel Regulations 1992, and are entitled to compensation from the tour operator if theyRead More

Steps In The City

Tourist trails and days out around London that add up to 10,000 steps so that people can achieve their ‘step’ quota for the day. Why Walking is considered the healthiest form of exercise and Fitbit fitness bands have stimulated a focus on achieving 10,000 steps per day. The popularity ofRead More

How to Trust a Website

An interactive guide to explain what to look for on a website so you can measure if it is safe to enter personal and credit card details online. Why Ecommerce has grown year-on-year and as shoppers have become much more accustomed to online shopping this equates to a lot ofRead More