Link Building Curated Reading List for March 2012

Incredibly in the online space of millions of blogs very few people have something of value to say; I read hundreds of articles every week and come across way to many me too posts. I find it amusing/depressing to see a story break and watching the wave of how the word is spread from blog to blog with each writer reading the other and producing a basic rewrite with nothing personal to add. When assessing what to keep or ditch I will only include a link if I feel the article has something of real value to say, has a unique opinion on a subject or breaks a story.

Next month coming up I am looking forward to Brighton SEO and ION search on my doorstep in Leeds. If any of you are going to either event feel free let me know and we can catch up on the day.

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Big news this month:

Blog networks deindexed
Over Optimization
Schema – semantic mark-up

>> Link Building Reading List: March

Assessing Link Signals in 2012 – Has Anchor Text Had It’s Day?
by Tim Grice
Right back at the beginning of March when there was plenty of discussion about the 40 changes to search quality signal by google and what the changes to the way they evaluate links was. Tim offers a great insight with the conclusion that anchor text appears to be devalued and a focus on brand building is recommended.

Grey Hat to White Hat Disaster
by King Douche
There is speculation about if this is for real or not. Considering it is, taking a look at the other side of link building time to time keeps you informed. I don’t recommend so called black hat SEO and I don’t believe half of what so called affiliates claim to be making online. What I am preaching is a long term strategy – yes making a fast pile of cash while you can before your scam is busted works for some but if you want to build a long term brand with stable visibility you have to work a lot harder and smarter. That is where people like King Douche fail big time – they don’t have the ability to compete on a higher level and will not be around in the long game.

Building awesome Relationships for Links, Likes and Love
by Ed Fry
I follow the belief that link building is now more like PR than SEO. Moving forward it’s all about networking and using those contacts to get prominent links in the right places. New link building is old school PR and marketing.
Ed writes a great post about outreach: the social rules to follow and some tips on how to get attention. I really think this “Teenage SEO” is one to watch and will be going places.

Google’s upcoming Algorithm Change: ‘Overly Optimized Sites’
by Vanessa Fox
There has been plenty of discussion about what overly optimized sites means in light of the recent announcement by Matt Cutts. Vanessa offers her insight into what matt said and breaks down his comments on what he feels about over optimization.

Beware of the Google Over-Optimisation Update/Penalty for SEO Tricks
by Tad Chef
Another overview and speculation on the over-optimization drama. At the bottom of the article are a list of posts on the subject if you want to do more reading.

Predicting SEO changes in Rankings, Algorithms and Panalties
by Bill Slawski
Following on from Vanessa if you want a more in-depth approach to the Overly Optimized Sites discussion read this. Bill Slawski is well known for his research on Google patents and uses this knowledge to speculate on what changes we may see from Google.

Incorporating Video Into Your Link Building Strategy
By Phil Nottingham
“having a video compared to just text will almost triple the average number of linking domains” Casey Henry, SEOMoz. Do you use video as a link baiting tactic? This incredible resource is an excellent intro for anyone thinking if using video in link building. Yes it’s a slide share but it doesn’t lose anything in content for not being an article.

SEO Experts Discuss Link Building for Affiliates
By Jason Acidre
Mr Kaiser the Sage has guest posted with this impressive interview list. Jason has managed to whip together all the top names in link building and asked them what are the types of links that affiliate marketers should be focusing on. Always good to read what the ‘experts’ have to say on link building.

Private Blog Networks Getting Deindexed
by Ryan Clark
also read
The Sky is Falling
by Pot Pie Girl
The hot news of the last few weeks is that Build My Ranks blog network has just been busted, deindexed and devalued by Google. I for one am amazed it has taken so long for this to happen. The collection of high profile blog networks make it very easy for an espionage team to sign up and infiltrate the ranks (no pun intended). So why now? The first two articles that broke the news from respected sources discuss the fall out.

Negative SEO on the Rise
by Ryan Clark
Following on from Ryan’s article about the blog networks being indexed is his reflection on the potential threat of negative competitor link building that hovers in the background to scare us all. Ryan is running a test of spamming the crap out of a site as a challenge from a friend – can’t wait for the results – this is going to be interesting.

Link Building Tool Box
by SEO Takeaways

Link Building Tools We Use at Distilled
by Will Critchlow

16 Chrome Extensions for Link Builders
by Jon Cooper
Wow, not one but three lists of tools for link building. The SEO takaways list is an incredible resource to bookmark. Not much more to say other than you have all the tools here listed for your convenience so spend time to check them all out.

Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]
by Peter Attia
Writing to link prospects is a big part of link building and one that many people find hard to get the right balance. I recently had feedback from a certain industry influencer that my outreach letter was one of the nicest he had ever received – a good indication I was getting the tone just right. The best part of Peter’s article is the use of real examples of correspondence – that is what we want to see: examples.

The Art of Content Marketing
by Craig Anderson
Producing outstanding content is now such an integral part of link building (or should be) so I am including this excellent overview article. Remarkable content is a large part of what I do and I will be reporting more on this side of creative link building moving forward.

What to do When Link Building is not Enough to Outrank Competitors
by Jason Acidre
The second article from Jason which just made it into the March edition. Some excellent tips on how to up your game by improving on-page factors. Jason talks about using schema mark-up which IMO is going to have big impact over the next 12 months and is something you should be looking at now.

The Case for Implementing Now
by Janet Driscoll Miller
A good place to start if you haven’t kept up to date with schema or not read anything about it to date. Janet offers an overview of schema and points to other resources to read more. Only a short read but a good gateway to further reading.

The Lowdown on Structured Data and – Your Questions Answered!
By Daniel Butler
Daniel answers 11 questions about schema ranging from did you notice any improvements in rankings from using schema to is there a schema generator I can use.

>> Essential Evergreen articles

Please Exit the Link Building
by Ross Hudgens
Must read. Incredible. A from the heart article about what it takes to be a link builder.

60 free press release sites tested – a detailed review
Are you pushing out press releases as part of your link building campaign? If not you should consider where it can fit into your strategy. This article is a great resource of PR sites you can seed on.

15 Sites That Help You Use Your Twitter Profile for Link Building
by Kikolani
If you are using social media to raise awareness as part of link building here is a list of tools that hook into your twitter account.

Which Type of Link Anchor Text is the Most Effective? [An Experiment]
by James Agate
This is possibly outdated now with the new changes to the Google algorithm announced last month but is worth reading as it is a fascinating experiment into exact keyword match anchor text. Love experiments – we need more!

A #winning 12 Stage Hustle Process for Link Building
by James carson
Learn how to hustle for outreach and networking. The best approach to link building IMHO.

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