Best Link Building Articles to Read | April 2012

An exciting month with two great local conferences, BrightonSEO and Ion Search in Leeds setting the standard for out-of-London events. The  news I have been focusing on this month has been rel=author tag, suddenly everyone seems to be talking about it and has been featured at the conferences.

I have put together a special Brighton SEO reading list of all the best round-ups from the event and (*self-promotion alert*) you can see a digital version of the souvenir poster from Brighton SEO that I was commissioned to produce for the show. Only 50 copies were made and sent to the speakers and a few select industry leaders.

Enjoy the reading and maybe see you at Sascon in Manchester next month.

Shelli aka shellshock uk

>> Link Building Reading List: April 2012

>> Industry commentary:

The New Google Link Algorithm
by Patrick Altoft
The online armageddon that the latest round of blog network de-indexing has caused is sending huge ripples and implications through the agency. Moving forward we are going to see a lot of second rate agencies who can’t deliver fall away. If you have been relying on blog networks for links then you are in trouble. Patrick from Branded 3 gives an interesting insight to actual stats about what he has seen on clients sites during the snowfall of GWT unnatural links warning messages.

Linkpreneurs: The New School of Linkbuilding
by Shelli Walsh
Yes, this is another *self-promotion alert* but it is my first post on Econsultancy and shares my thoughts on where I feel link building needs to move to in light of all the recent changes thrown at us from Google. Created a few strong reactions and some entertaining comments. If you ever want a bit of controversy, just make up a new industry term!

Linkbranding – A Linkbuilders Marketing Mindset
by John Doherty
John has termed a new phrase Linkbranding (wow that’s two new phrases for link building this month!) and discusses how focusing on high-quality sites that can refer traffic and gain social mentions, elevating you as a thought leader. I think this post shares similarities with Linkpreneurs and highlights the direction the industry is now moving in.

>> Interviews

Jim Boykin Interview
by Aaron Wall
Jim Boykin is one of the original link gurus who really does deserve the title. Jim has been around pretty much from the beginning of SEO and what he doesn’t know aint worth knowing. An insightful interview by Aaron Wall on Seobook.

Interview with Link Building Expert Wil Reynolds
by Jon Cooper
Does Wil need any introduction? I hope not. Founder of SEER interactive Wil is a heavy-weight industry leader and usual speaker on the circuit. Get the insights into his thoughts on link building.

Interview with Debra Mastaler
By Aaron Wall
Founder of Alliance Link, Debra is one of very few high-profile female SEO/link builders in the industry. Aaron from SEObook (is he running a series?) interviews Debra on her thoughts on link building.

>> Tips for getting links:

21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries
by Garrett French
Okay, this is from 2009 but is still a very useful post to bookmark. Day 1 of link building school tells us that learning search operators are the fundamentals of searching for link prospects and competitor analysis. Before you move on to using tools that take away the hard work for you I recommend having a grasp of these essentials so that you can understand why a tool brings back the results it does and improve your tool if it fails. Like when you drive a car you need to know how to check the oil and change a tyre.

Fundamentals of Large Scale Linkbuilding on #SEOchat with Garrett French
by Lyena Solomon
This is the transcript of an amazing twittercast #SEOchat which I managed to stumble on the tail end (Lyena was lucky to jump in as the first person to type this up). Garrett French held a QA about large scale link prospecting over twitter. Garrett is currently doing a lot of work promoting his new Link Prospector tool (which is well worth a look at) but he still imparts his wisdom on large scale outreach (and he is the expert).

Link Building in 2012: Scalable Link Building
by Jason Acidre
Can a month go by without me adding another amazing Kaiser the Sage post? Jason is really up there as one the best link building writers of the moment consistently producing great content. A must read post about how link building is evolving and Jason’s tips for getting links in 2012.

Forget Rankings! 8 Tips To Build Links That Make Money Directly
by Scott Cowley
A few months ago nobody was talking about link building and PR and now nobody can stop talking about it. A great article which talks about how you should be building links for referral and not just for rankings (yes I have been going on about this for ages!). Link building and PR is where it’s all at.

>> The best tutorial posts:

Competitor link prospecting in Microsoft Excel
and Identifying Link Patterns with SEO Tools
by John Doherty
Two excellent tutorials John has provided to help your link building efforts.

20+ resources for prospecting, organising and researching link opportunities
by James Agate
An incredible list of resources for anyone into high quality link building. Tools that can help with the time consuming mundane crap and give you more valuable time to network and score links.

Excel and Google Docs: Tools for the ultimate SEO dashboard
by Mitch Monsen
Comprehensive list of all the SEO tools built from Excel or Google Docs.

>> rel=Author

If you haven’t already implemented the author tag to your posts and G+ account then now is the time to do it. Authorship was a big topic of conversation at recent conferences and IMO is going to have a huge impact. I have pulled out the best two posts which discuss the impact of rel=author, the best two presentations from recent conferences and the best two posts of how to implement the tag.

Ask The Experts How Will Rel=Author Affect SEO
I don’t know how I managed to get on an ask the experts page but here are the thoughts on rel=author by Tom Anthony, Andrew Girdwood, Kevin Gibbons, Teddie Cowell, Peter Handley and someone called Shelli Walsh, never heard of her.

Author Rank
by AJ Kohn, semantic mark-up, rich snippets and micro formats are a hot topic right now. Author-rel is going to have big implications for anyone who uses a content strategy and guest posting. I strongly advise reading everything you can about this right now and jumping on board. This is going to be big.

6 Ways to Boost Your Rankings Using Google Authorship
by Kevin Gibbons
This just snuck in as I was going to press so I have only skimmed through but it looks like a comprehensive post on using rel=author and how it fits into a strategy of building your authority online for link building and SEO.

>> Best conference presentations

James Carson at Brighton SEO
Tom Anthony at Ion Search

>> How to implement rel=author

by Yoast
by Blind Five Year Old

>> And now for something else…

How to get more Likes on Facebook
by The Oatmeal
Without a doubt one of the best posts I have ever read on social media, link building and online networking! I’m off now to build a microsite about tanks driven by nuns.

9 Evil Ways to Build Links
by Peter Attia
I am thinking that Peter is a little TOO good at this! Amusing read, check out the comment left by Sean: the most extreme link building strategy I have read yet – brilliant.

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