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I don’t know where to start his month it feels like so much has happened. We started out with the threat of negative SEO and sites being forced to wade through a toxic back link profile and begin the arduous task of attempting to remove spurious links. Then we had the big cookie debate. Sascon conference happened which was a fantastic two days out of the office and actually getting to talk to other human beings instead of just a computer screen. And of course we had the big industry blow-up of the iAcquire outing scandal.

Find below a selection of the best articles from the month which will keep you up to date with all the Link Building news. If anyone wants to suggest an article for inclusion next month just drop me an email or you can leave a comment below.

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>> Link Building Reading List: May 2012

>> Link Buying Outing

How A Prominent SEO Company is Covertly Purchasing Backlinks for Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation
by Josh Davis
Oh boy, did this kick off a major storm. This is one of the biggest ‘outings’ in SEO since the JC Penney drama last year and has seen a huge ethical discussion in the industry with serious implications for everyone within SEO. I don’t agree with this kind of post dishing dirt and am only listing it here because of it’s impact. I’m not impressed with journalists making a living from trying to expose companies and smear reputations. Look in your own back yard – is it spotlessly clean? Anyone who says yes is either lying or has taken great pains to cover something up.

iAcquire Banned From Google After Buying Links Allegations
by Barry Schwartz
Following the article iAcquire were then banned from Google – an obvious move by big G to try and put fear into everyone else by wielding their monolithic power. Seriously, who gave them the authority to sit in judgement on what is right and wrong.

iAcquire: We’re Abandoning Paid Links
by Danny Sullivan
So then iAcquire were obviously forced to prominently make a statement on their position to try and regain some authority and save face.

Stop Talking – Get Back to Work -Exclusive interview with Mike King
by Andy Betts
Mike King stands up to defend himself after much criticism and backlash.

In response to the circus we had a few articles outing more SEP high-profile players:

Major Search Player Outed for Bad Link Practices
by Ian Lurie
Another Black Hat Company Caught Selling Links
By Alan Bleiweiss

>> Negative SEO

An Unintended Side Effect of Google’s hunt for bad links
by Barry Adams
In the mad scramble of panic for site owners and bad SEOs to remove bad links here turns up the inevitable: How not to ask people to remove links post. Seriously, you sent me a DMCA for writing a positive review on your website? Clumsy, naive and brainless – how to ensure someone doesn’t remove a link send them a DMCA which isn’t even a DMCA.

Protecting your site and brand from negative SEO
by Alex Graves
It’s all about protecting your assets these days with the threat of negative seo and questions such as “Can I sue someone for pointing links at my site” coming to light. Alex covers two great tools to monitor new backlinks being pointed at your site so you can immediately highlight any suspicious behavior and jump on it before it causes too much damage.

>> Industry Commentary

What you ought to do if you’ve been punished by Google’s Penguin update
by Neil Patel
The Penguin update – it’s all about spammy links and Neil gives a great overview on the update, what indicates if you have been hit by Penguin and what you can do to recover.

15 Ways to integrate gamification features into your SEO strategy
by Richard Baxter
This was one of the best speeches at SAScon recently and got me really excited about the potential of gamification and how it can be used to generate deeper customer engagement and higher conversion rates. This is the area to watch methinks.

The EU ePrivacy Directive Compliance
by Felicity Crouch
We are still waiting for a definitive guide to what is and isn’t acceptable on the new cookie laws as guidelines seem to keep shifting. This is a good starting point to read or if you want to shell out £250 you can buy the Econsultancy guide here:

Why you’re lying to yourself about keyword difficulty
by Ross Hudgens
Another thought provoking in-depth read by the mighty Mr Hudgens

>> Interviews

Kahena Interviews Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz on Our First Birthday
by David Wiseman
This does seem like a long time ago now from the first of the month but was a very timely article with Rand on the morning SEOmoz announced they had secured another huge round of funding.

Meet Your SEO
by Alessio Madeyski
This series of interviews by Alessio has been excellent. Targeting the SEO’s on the circuit who aren’t as high-profile as the usual interviews you see has really payed off with some great insights into the SEO community. (and yes, I might be in there)

>> Tips for getting links:

How limiting your Google queries makes you a better link prospector
By Garrett French
I recommend anything written by Garrett French about link building. If you haven’t already checked out his Link Prospector tool go do it now. This article focuses on getting better results out of search operators – it’s a must read.

A #winning 12 stage hustle process for getting links
by James Carson
For anyone who knows the pain of trying to negotiate links James lays out a text book plan in getting big results. James might have the weight of some huge brands to negotiate his links but you can still learn a lot from following this process.

The Noob Guide To Link Building
by Mike King aka ipullrank
This is an outstanding article and guide which lays out a six month plan of content marketing and link building. I wish someone had written this 5 years ago for me.

Content based outreach for link building
By Justin Briggs
It’s all about the content these days, let’s face it link building without something to offer is near impossible and now link buying is pretty much out of the question you have to get creative. This guide from Justin talks about the use of personas in email outreach.

High quality web design showcases, news and infographics submission sites
by Tad Chef
Does what it says on the tin – lists submission sites for content. Compliments the other content link building articles nicely.

I came across this trio of articles by Dave Davies about keywords and clustering them in groups on your site. It’s very similar to the Bruce Clay method of siloing. I highly recommend running through these three:
How to Find Profitable Keywords for your website
Keyword Clustering for maximum search profitability
Internal Linking to promote keyword clusters

>> The best tutorial posts:

More importXML Cookbooks
by Chris Le
It’s a scrape fest! 64 importXML formulas and 5 spreadsheets for Google doc heaven.

Tools for creating editorial calendars
by John Doherty
Keep organised with editorial calenders. Enough said.

>> And now for something else…

SEO Short Stories
by AJ Kohn
Its nice to see something completely different for once. AJ has written a set of fictional stories all with oddly familiar narratives woven through – can you work out which current industry hot topic the story alludes to? My fave is The East Comes West.

Building an alternative SEO glossary (or improving the SEO lexicon, 1 day at a time)
by 011100110110010
All the SEO vocab you will ever need. Instant SEO (Adwords) is one of my faves.

Mo books, Mo products: an alternative view on inbound marketing
by James Carson
A slick comic style article about Mr J. Carson’s thoughts on the inbound marketing industry

Response codes explained with pictures
By Lindsay Wassell
Seeing more and more comic style delivery on sites these days. These explanations of response codes is one the best I have seen yet.

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